Industrial Design

Academic Work
  1. Modular Stairs
    The briefing was to create a modular system of stair.
    The project consists in two different flights of stairs and tree different fixing systems (two endings and one junction).
    This modules give the buyer an enormous range of possible designs.
    Both the flight stairs and the fixing systems had different materials options and the possibility of adding handrail.
    It was a very gratifying project.

  2. Modular Pergola
    The briefing was to create solutions for the modern city gardens.
    The project consists in two different modules with LED light integrated and different covering options.
    The modules give the designer comprehensive options when designing shadowed areas in gardens. Individually they can work as lighters, together they can work as light shadow cover or hard shadow cover with the top covers.

  3. Shoe Storage Cabinet
    This project was a contest for the Massimo Dutti brand. The contest was driven for Design students or professionals, the goal was to design a piece for modern homes.
    In addition to the contents we had to meet the need for organization.
    This lead me to fill the need of shoe storage in a way that didn’t affect the Design of a room. The shelving’s can change of levels, so it can be used for different types of shoes, or different user.
    The exterior had different material options.

  4. Portable Tray-Case
    The main idea of this project was to create an individual “pic-nic” tray. Modern and portable, not much different from a closed laptop.
    The main target was the crescent working class that lunches in offices or outdoor.
    Can conserve the heat for a few hours.
    Personnel project.

  5. 3D Modeling
    3D Modeling for a Marina in Angola. This project was done in cooperation with a architecture atelier.
    Freelance Job.

Industrial Design (AutoCad + 3D Studio Max)